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28th-Apr-2013 08:36 pm - test
19th-Sep-2008 01:23 pm - first post
Testing this shit! Isn't Mako cool looking?? Okay this is my fifth PUBLIC s2 layout for crazed_system!! Okay so a few things...this is a s2, smooth sailing (with a plus account to show you how it looks with ads). IF you do use plus accounts...please use the ad option *place in between entries* and make all of the colors here to the greyish tone (#9D9E88)THATS IMPORTANT!!

Next, make sure you customize your side bar to your liking. YOU MUST CREDIT MYSELF AND crazed_system on the side bar!! This is a must!!!

What else? OH turn off navigation bar please, and please use lj-cuts when needed!!

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